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Product name : Acidic Glass Rubber
Item : 20121219215513
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Product Usage : 
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Characteristics and Application:
1.         Acidic silicone glass rubber is one-component silicone rubber, and can be vulcanized at room temperature. Fast vulcanization and easy operation.
2.         Excellent weather resistance property. It doesn’t reduce the performance for sunlight and ultraviolet radiation and the impact of rain and snow.
3.         Excellent adhesion capability, and good flexibility at -50 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ after solidified.
4.         Acidic glass rubber is widely used in the fixture of all types of architecture doors and windows, exposed frame curtain wall and semi-hidden frame curtain wall. And it is also used as metal structural engineering fillers and some industrial use.
Product Data:
Hardness(Shore A)
Extrusion Rate(ml)
Tack-free Time(min)
Heat up Loss (%)
Elongation at Break (%)
Tensile Strength (Mpa)
Sealing and adhesion of Large plate glass, fish tank, sunroof glass.
The fixture of glass windows. Sealing and adhesion of signs, showcase, non-permeable timber, etc.
How to Use:
1.         The surface must be clean and dry. Clear the dust, grease and other pollutants.
2.         Trim immediately after coating, and ensure fully wet between rubber and the base in order to achieve good adhesion.
3.         The remaining sealant can be cleared by solvents (toluene, gasoline, etc.) before solidified.
Package, Storage, Transportation and Notes
1.         The products are packed in 300ml per piece with hardware, and 25 pieces per carton.
2.         Deposit in a shade, dry place at 27℃. The shelf life is 12 months, please to confirm the production date on the package.
3.         Keep out of touch with children. It should be used in well ventilated place.
4.         If splash into eyes, please to wash with flowing water immediately or consult a doctor.
5.         Please to read carefully the certificates of product and material security, and the notes on the package.

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